Big Bang Theory


The sitcom Big Bang Theory targets a variety of audience. The commercials in between segments aim at mature couples and middle class families. There are commercials like Ford Escape SUV, Sick Kids Lottery and Canada’s Economic Plan that incorporate mature characters both male and female. Almost all the commercials that were aired through the whole episode shared a common idea of everyday family needs, money and relation between couples.


This episode of Big Bang Theory revolved around Penny. She was the main character as she drove the plot forward. Her Goal was to lead her dad to believe that she and Leonard were back together because her father only approved of Leonard and made him happy. Penny asks Leonard to play along till her father leaves. Leonard follows along but has too much fun with it and Penny starts to dislike it. Before taking it too far she decides to tell her father the truth about the whole fake relation. Her father gets a little angry about it and after sending her off the room he motivates Leonard to keep at it with Penny. The theme of this episode was parental control. 

Sitcom: Let’s wrestle that guy

Series Premise: The show is centered on two main characters, Mr. Randy ‘The Ram’ and his daughter Nancy, who live together in an apartment. Mr. Randy is a retired wrestler and over obsessed with his wrestling career, still shocked that it’s over. Nancy is a typical teen daughter that loves to dress up and live the good life but her dad messes up everything.


The first episode starts at Nancy’s high school introducing her and her friends. It showcases Nancy’s characteristics and how her school life is. She goes home with her friends and that is where we meet Mr. Randy and the relationship is developed. Nancy and her friends play a prank on Randy but it results in awakening the wrestler within him. He goes wild and starts to ram people around. He makes a fool of himself which provides the show with comedic touch.

Movie Mashup; The Wrestler 2008 and A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984

The Wrestler (2008)

Logline: A wrestler faces hardship in the world outside the arena after health issues cause him to retire, but decides to return and aims for stardom.

 The Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Logline: A girl stays up to protect herself from a serial killer who executes in sleep.


Mash-up Title: The Wrestler on Elm Street

Logline: A wrestler ashamed of lose in a match decides to retire and reconcile with daughter who is being plotted to death.

A professional wrestler faces big defeat in a final match. His fans start to hate and insult him, resulting in his decision to retire and reconcile with his daughter. He finds out that his daughter is being plotted to death and rushes back home to help. The daughter mistakes her father for the blurred assassin she dreams of. Scared and terrified when she sees her father she kills herself, resulting in the father going insane and he also commits suicide. Now, he haunts the Elm Street as the wrestler’s ghost.