Sitcom Let’s Wrestle That Guy will be featuring Katy Perry

Katy Perry will be featuring the new sitcom Let’s Wrestle That Guy. She will be playing the role of Nancy’s step mother and Mr. Randy’s girlfriend named Cindy.


She was born in a farming family in a little town in Texas. She moved to the city at the age of 15 for school. No one liked her so she got bullied a lot. She met Randy at a wrestling match of his and a sudden one at a restaurant. The friend relation slowly turned into a boyfriend girlfriend relation.


She will be one the main characters in the cast of Let’s Wrestle That Guy because she is moving in with Mr. Randy and Nancy. She is going to lead an episode in the sitcom series with her funny characteristic traits. Cindy does not get along with Nancy that much. Nancy thinks Cindy is weird and very old school. Nancy ignores her all the time. Cindy notices and her goal is to become good friends with Nancy. Her and Randy plan pranks that will hopefully help her and Nancy come close. But all the pranks go wrong and they just push Nancy and Cindy apart more. At the end Cindy just apologizes and tells Nancy why she did everything and that she just wants to be a good friend.

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