Preschooler Show ; The Elm Street

Movies: The Wrestler and Nightmare on Elm Street


The Elm Street TV show is an educational show for the little ones that targets reading, writing, spelling and more. Randy and his daughter Nancy pretend to be super heroes and fight the criminals of grammar. Randy is the Alphabet Ram dressed as a wrestler with the alphabet, word, spelling and reading powers. Nancy is his sidekick with power to learn, she represents the audience of the kids watching it. Randy explores the city looking for fragments and people that have problems with English. Kids follow along as the Randy and Nancy go on missions to eliminate English fragments. Kids talk with the characters, play word games to ensure the story is correct, and relate the story’s lesson to the problem they are trying to solve. The brightly colored, CG animated characters make letter, spelling, and reading fun and adventurous for preschoolers.

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