Documentary Review

Documentary: Inside the Saudi Kingdom (BBC Documentary)

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This factual and informational documentary provides the modern audience with an unbiased insight of the Saudi Arabia Kingdom. The documentary takes place in Hail within Saudi Arabia, which is governed by Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsen. He is one of the members of the Saudi royal family. In the documentary the crew is given unique access to follow and film the prince, where no western crew has ever filmed inside Saudi Arabia for 26 years. The prince shares his views about the western world getting to the people. He says, “You can only change people as much as they want to be changed” and concludes that people in Saudi Arabia do not want to be westernised  The documentary takes a twist when the crew talks to some of the citizens about how they feel about the strict laws and Islamic traditions of keeping the women aside. The citizens expressed different views then of the prince, which made the documentary an effective insight. It shows the battle of two different worlds where digital technology and modernisation make it hard for the prince to maintain laws and Islamic traditions.